[ Matthew ] (redwindmill11) wrote in boardmanhs,
[ Matthew ]

A little Help?

Dear and loyal Community Members...I'm having some computer trouble and want to extend my need for help to all of you.

Here's the deal:
I guess I've got some sort of spyware and such and that has currently made my desktop unopenable...if that makes sense...you know, the start button on the left of the screen, the time and such on the right...all the shortcuts...they wont appear...however, my screensaver and background do...

Now, all my programs still work on my computer via my 'Windows Task Manager'...thus the reason I'm able to update...but getting things going like that isn't fun and a lot of times it freezes...

I was told to use the 'File: New taks (run)' feature on the Windows Task Manager and try typing in 'explorer' when asked too...that worked and brought up my short cuts and such, but then my computer froze and I had to shut down explore.

I'm currently running some new spyware meets virus remover, that just appeared and looks like it has validity and might actually work..but that keeps freezing and not working...I'll let it run tonight though.

Anyway, I cannot, well really don't want too, restart my whole window's programing...and In no way am I computer illiterate...I just need some help, so if you have any advice...or are amazing at computers, let me know.

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