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Last night, my sadness about the play being over
quickly turned to rage.

Just so you know,
those stage crew kids nailed pieces of wood together
it was me, Sara Sammartino, Christian Wong, and Dave ghoildi [sp?]
who did EVERY SINGLE little detail in that set.
From August all the way up to the final week before the performance
we did nothing but work on that.
And what happens?
the stage crew kids get all the glory
and the art department?
Eventhough without us, there basically wouldn't be a play.

They didn't even get Mrs. Davidson anything
and she put so much of her time and materials in that...
that's what makes me sick.
And if Mrs. Hodge expected us to walk out with the stage crew
she had another thing coming.
We said from the get go, that we were NOT stage crew
i mean, not to piss anyone off, but any trained monkey
can nail pieces of wood together
and move a set around, which is all the did.

It's just very unfair that we did all that work
that we spent SO much time working on it
and got no graditude for it.
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