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BHS Opinion-June

I started this a long time ago...posting an opinion/forum type thing and I think I'll bring it back.

Here we go:

What's your opinion on the "Junk Food" Ban* that will take place next year nation-wide at schools? Do you think the government has the right to control what we eat? Will it help the over-wieght? Can and will it make us healthier people?

*The government is placing a mandatory ban/disallow of all unhealthy snack like foods from being openly availble for consumption/purchase during school hours.

Post away.
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It's a good attempt at a healthier future, but in the long run, I don't think it will make that big of a difference and will hurt a lot of fundraising opportunities.
Midterm election ploy. Distracts us from whats actually going on in the world, and it makes it seem like they care.
I don't think it'll change a thing. The food corporations still own schools anyway.
You kids can still pack it and take it to school... so it helps nothing really!

Hey, if you ever get the chance to read what in those Chicken Patties, do so... there is only 1% chicken in each patty!

It is futile; it is a way of killing of the arts programs, including music and industrial arts.

Kids will continue to eat unhealthy foods. They are old enough to make decisions, and they DO make decisions outside of school.

Plus I would say lack of exercise constitues for more obesity than bad food. Look at our gym class: half the people do nothing!
i think its pretty stupid, to be blunt.

the government needs to stop exercising its power on school kids who are going to eat what they want anyway, and instead focus on slightly more relevant issues. (see: the middle east, rising gas prices, etc.)
I think it should be the school's decision...not the government's
our government is becoming more and more rediculous.

You see children, this is the start

notice how they are slowly taking over
more and more of our freedoms?
Decomcracy = people rule
but are we really in control?

Thank you Mr. Bush for throwing our country to shambles.

Anyways, like stated above, this will not stop kids.
not in the least bit
America is getting heavier
because no one cared about themselves enough
to do something about it.
It's digusting
to see how many kids
have eating disorders
because society has this
unreachable image
that is getting harder and harder
to touch
because of all the taco bells popping up
with their low prices.

Now i don't know about the rest of you
but i barely make enough money to live on
and when i'm out and about
and find a decent size food item
for a dollar
hell, that's great!
[except for the fact that i don't eat any form of meat]
I think that has a lot to do with it
with gas prices so high
and minimum wage so low
kids who don't come from rich familes
suffer the most
because when they are out
fast food is the most affordable.

blah blah blah.
i don;t know.
i'm done rambling.