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basic rules:
1. only those directly associated with BHS (students, alumni, etc.) may post.
2. don't post gossip or quizzes or quiz results. post only if it is something worth reading, please!
3. keep it clean, kids. obviously, no porn/sex/drug ads.
4. if you have huge posts, place them under a cut.
5. no fucking gossip. period.

feel free to use this as a forum for discussions, anouncements, questions, or feedback for happenings at BHS.

detailed rules/further community info:

it is open to a forum style posting (this means topics that present debate and comment) but is not designed for personal use and/or ridicule.
post topics that relate to BHS and or local events and happenings as well as personal questions and or comments that are reasonable for a public online community.
do not post entries with large spacing and with multiple pictures. use lj-cuts to do so when needed (if you don’t know what an lj-cut is, learn it here http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75)

it is a free community that is monitored. if you don’t follow the rules and regulations mentioned here you will be banned from posting.

thank you.

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